Prioritizing Wellbeing at The Breakers Palm Beach

Employees are incentivized to take part in wellness activities at The Breakers.

At The Breakers (Palm Beach, FL), the fulfillment and wellbeing of team members is at the heart of the resort’s business strategy. More than 15 years ago, the resort made employee wellness a priority. The company’s wellness platform includes a recruiting strategy that prioritizes hiring good people and then finds roles that suit their talents as opposed to hiring people to fill specific positions.

The company has also fostered a culture of caring in which team members are encouraged to incorporate healthy living practices, achieve ideal work-life integration, and enhance the quality of life of their families for the long term. When enrolling in the company’s medical insurance plan, new employees can earn the preferred wellness premium by completing four steps: a health risk assessment, a health screening, taking advantage of health coaching, and participating in a wellness activity. This earns them a $600 savings on annual medical premiums. Covered spouses can also earn $600 savings by completing the first three steps.

The team also has access to a full-time onsite health and wellness advisor for confidential coaching and more. The wellness benefits don’t stop there though, as the resort also offers a variety of wellness incentive programs. For example, the Mt. Everest Tower Trek involves team members taking fitness breaks during the workday to walk from the hotel’s basement to the seventh floor, tracking their climb on a sign-in sheet located at the top. Participants are recognized and given incentive prizes as they complete various trek milestones.


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Team members can also take advantage of onsite health services, such as a tobacco cessation program, free biometric health screenings and blood pressure checks, InBody520 body composition analysis, flu vaccine clinics, diabetes screenings, and stress management and mindfulness classes. There is even a Corporate Athlete Executive Training Program as well as health education resources, including e-courses on financial health, weight management, and nutrition.

Employees also benefit from practices designed to reduce stress and create a more seamless work-life integration, such as flexible time-off; the opportunity to work remotely; access to Bright Horizons Back-up Care Advantage Program, a source of affordable backup care for children and the elderly; and more.

As a result of such programming, The Breakers has achieved an 82 percent retention rate, which equates to only 18 percent turnover. That is well below the U.S. average turnover of 31 percent, as reported by the Deloitte Hospitality report. The company has also reduced its health plan costs, as a result.


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