The Retreat Costa Rica Launches Mental Wellbeing Workshops

The Retreat Costa Rica (Atenas) recently launched one-on-one workshops that help support mental wellbeing. With a focus on connecting the mind and body, these workshops are designed to help harness personal power. The sessions are led by Shaveta Jasra, a medical practitioner specializing in holistic and alternative healing practices, and range from anger management and life mapping to chakra healing. The Chakra Healing Course is designed to help guests understand how energy centers regulate the body, and addresses health issues associated with each chakra and how to heal the body through these energy centers; Anger Management is designed for those who are short-tempered, helping them to release anger; Take Your Power Back examines the difference between a want and a need and helps categorize different sections of life to help set priorities and make powerful decisions; Life Mapping sessions give guests clarity about the purpose and skills needed to become aware of their full potential and innate resources; and Mental Detox helps guests learn how to maintain mental hygiene and prioritize peace. “Our new experiential offerings are designed to meet this growing need, giving our guests the opportunity to delve deeper into self-discovery and self-awareness by participating in personalized sessions focused on improving common day-to-day challenges,” says Diana Stobo, owner of The Retreat Costa Rica. “By adopting a mindful holistic approach, our goal with these new workshops is to put our guests’ mental needs at the forefront of their experience here.”