The Retreat Costa Rica Offers World Menopause Month Package

The Retreat Costa Rica, a luxury wellness boutique resort located in the rain forest near the picturesque village of Atenas, has introduced “The Big M: Mastering Menopause,” a special package designed to help women navigate the multiple hormonal challenges triggered by surgery, perimenopause, menopause and/or post-menopause. 

The complete Mastering Menopause Package at The Retreat Costa Rica includes:

  • Curated wellness diet for hormonal balance
  • Kegel exercise class to strengthen the pelvic floor (one 45-minute session)
  • Resistance and strength training to build bone density and increase fat metabolism (one 60-minute session)
  • Menopause belly and chest exercise class for strengthening the core and lifting the chest (one 60-minute session)
  • Morning and afternoon movement, meditation and yoga practice
  • Self-guided “Big M, Mastering Menopause Workbook” for releasing, self-discovery and manifestation, discussing the four stages of life
  • Self-guided mountain exploration
  • Heart-opening deep tissue massage to open fascial passageways, ignite lymphatic flow and strengthen muscles (one 60-minute treatment)
  • Ayurveda chakra balancing and circular massage to stimulate and awaken the chakras for balance, peace and clarity of mind (one 80-minute treatment)
  • Ayurveda Herbal Abhyanga and Shirodhara Bliss to detox, repair and rejuvenate, improve sleep and provide more mindfulness and deeper relaxation (one 90-minute therapy)
  • Maharani milk bath ritual to moisten and tighten the skin (one 30-minute therapy)
  • Pink Goddess Empowerment Crystal healing body scrub and Vichy water therapy to light up creative flow and release feelings of entrapment to find inner peace (one 60-minute therapy)
  • Ayurvedic Kansa facial with Marma (subtle vital energy) Points to refresh and enliven skin (one 80-minute treatment)
  • Self-discovery workshop (one 60-minute session)
  • Deep Pranayama breathing to release physical and emotional blocks (one 50-minute session)
  • Optional heart wall clearing gentle session to identify trapped emotions and release hurts and traumas to align and attract our true heart’s desire
  • Medicinal herbal juice and tea class (one 45-minute class) 
  • Wellness cooking class (one 45-minute class)
  • Herbal digestive bitters for liver detox, elimination and increased metabolism
  • Healthy hormone balancing e-book with 100+ pages of anti- inflammatory recipes delivered digitally
  • Self-guided “Big M, Mastering Menopause Workbook” for releasing, self-discovery and manifestation, discussing the four stages of life

According to Diana Stobo, founder of The Retreat, this new package provides much-needed relief for those suffering the repercussions of hormonal changes — with a focus on balancing hormones and mood swings with diet, exercise and lifestyle changes. “Menopause is a time of change, transition and sometimes, emotional disruption. As women enter this natural but perhaps turbulent phase of their lives, significant shifts in lifestyle and mindset can be necessary to cope,” Stobo explains. “Our goal is to help women understand and manage these important changes — and the myriad symptoms that accompany them — and learn how to achieve the hormonal balance necessary to attain an improved quality of life, good health and emotional balance.”