SaveFace Releases Blue Light-Blocking Beauty Filter

The blue light-blocking filter for iPhones keeps skin healthy through clean tech. Photo credit: SaveFace

With so many people using their cellphones more than ever before due to social distancing and working remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic, it's important to try to limit the harmful effects of this technology exposure as much as possible. One way to do this is by using a blue light-blocking filter on the cellphone. Blue light can contribute to accelerated signs of skin aging, eye straining, and sleep disruption, to name a few things. To help people protect their skin from blue light damage, SaveFace​ founder, ​Justina Anzulovich​, recently debuted a beauty filter she calls the ​IRL Filter, a blue light-blocking screen protector designed to keep skin healthy while talking, scrolling, and texting. Anzulovich’s goal is to educate people about the blue light woes. “We need to teach people to focus on prevention instead of correction in beauty, and help people limit skin damage across the board," she says. "Why wait until the damage is done when we can focus on preventing it from happening in the first place?" Anzulovich’s efforts highlight the importance of cleaning up your phone, calling this movement “clean tech.”

The IRL Filter ​shields ​from the majority of blue, ​high-energy visible (​HEV) light ​emitted from smartphone screens. It also limits exposure to radiation, reduces eye strain from screen time, and protects natural sleep rhythm. "Studies show that HEV light is harming you at the base layer of your dermis," says Anzulovich. "It goes further into your body than both UVA and UVB rays combined. By the time that layer of skin regenerates to the surface, up to eight years after the damage has been done, the damage is more severe and more aggressive measures need to be taken to correct it."
The IRL Filter by SaveFace is made from high quality, four-layer Japanese tempered glass and features anti-glare, smudge-proof, and scratch-resistance properties. Additionally, each crystal clear beauty filter is infused with antimicrobial silver ions, which keep phones ​free of germs and prevents bacterial breakouts. It is available for iPhone 6/7/8, iPhone 6/7/8 plus, iPhone 11 Pro/X/XS, iPhone PRO MAX/XS MAX, and iPhone 11/XR at



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