Sexual Wellness, Sleep, and Supplements

Sexual wellness, sleep, and supplements are creating a lot of buzz in our industry this year, and if you’re not already on board, certainly from a retail point of view, you will be soon. Aside from the normal day-to-day retail sales products like skincare, tools, soft goods, and the like, many spas have successfully branched out to other areas in this sector. A friend of mine with a dozen spas and a fantastic front-of-the-house area likes to say, “We’re actually a gift store that does spa treatments.” Think about it for a minute. While your spa treatments may turn 25 to 45 percent gross profits, retail can produce a 50 to 200 percent markup (and more!).

Allan Share
(Allan Share)

Sexual wellness is a topic that appeals and applies to both women and men. The act of pleasure is just one part of it. It also includes education about sexual wellness, products that are available, information about erectile dysfunction and menstruation health, counseling, supplements, apps, technology, and so much more. Increased happiness and a better feeling about oneself are achieved when sexual wellness is engaged in a thoughtful and intentional manner. From a spa perspective, we truly need to give sexual wellness some thought about how to approach it. Consider bringing in a speaker, or adding devices or products to your retail side. However, adding sexual wellness to your treatment menu or retail area should not be taken lightly. Clientele are different everywhere and what is acceptable in one area may or may not be acceptable in another. 

Now, let’s talk about sleep. Getting the right amount of sleep, which is different for everyone, is paramount to a good life. If you’re tired all day, need naps, and are living on coffee or caffeine in the afternoon (or all day!), that is a sign that your sleep needs are not being met and must change. So, how many hours of sleep do you need? Well, that depends. The truth is that how much sleep is necessary is different for everyone. The fact is, your body knows what it needs, and you need to listen to it. Circadian rhythms are so important. It is your internal body clock and it will tell you when to sleep, when to wake, and when to nap. Unfortunately, most of us don’t listen to it. Sometimes, we start yawning at 2 p.m. and we dismiss it as a post-lunch sleepiness or “food coma” when it’s really your body telling you something is not right and to start listening to your internal body clock. 

Thankfully, better sleep is a trending topic in our wellness channel and many items are available to help us achieve more restful sleep. For example, a good night’s sleep may include a better mattress, the right pillows, a white noise machine, proper sleepwear, and more. Also, sleep technology is changing. Innovations in sleep technology include weighted blankets, silk pillow covers, chill pads, essential oils, CBD sleep patches, and skincare. If your retail space or treatment menu doesn’t have a section dedicated to sleep, you may be asleep on the job.

Lastly, the term “supplement” is such a large and general word, and there are seemingly supplements now for almost every aspect of our lives. Let’s just focus on our wellness industry. Generally, supplements aren’t clinically tested or approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, but that does not mean they cannot help someone improve their health. Supplements can come in the form of liquids, drops, powders, and pills, and can help improve the health of skin, nails, hair, and more. To be clear: using any supplement can only “supplement” your health. You still need to have a healthy lifestyle, diet, and get plenty of sleep. Be sure to consult a trusted medical professional before taking any supplements or offering them to your clientele. 

Remember, not all trends are right for your facility or your location, and some may take time to catch on. Others might be home run right off the bat. Either way, take your time, start off slow, and start testing these three Ss. You (and your clientele) will be glad you did.