Spring Nail Designs From Bellacures

This spring, brighten up your clients' day with these pretty nail designs from Bellacures

Beautiful Butterflies

To get this butterfly-inspired look, gently push back and show some love to those cuticles. File the nails into a chic square with softly rounded edges – think of it as prepping a tiny canvas for your art. Apply two coats of pinky coral polish, letting each coat dry completely. With a thin brush and your favorite purple polish, draw your dream butterfly. Next, swipe on a topcoat for that glassy finish and add a drop of cuticle oil for a nourished sheen.

Pro Tips for Extra Sparkle:

  1. Let each layer have its moment to dry.
  2. Patience is key to avoiding the dreaded smudge. Practice your butterfly on paper first if you’re a nail art newbie. 
  3. Embrace thin coats for that smooth, professional look. 

Reverse French

To achieve this fun spin on the iconic French manicure, start by gently push back the cuticles and get rid of any excess. File the nails into an elegant almond shape. This sleek silhouette not only looks chic but also gives fingers a lovely, elongated look. Apply two coats of your favorite lilac polish, letting each layer dry completely. This soft, dreamy shade is perfect for embracing the vibrancy of spring. With a thin brush, pick medium to dark grey polish. Start at the bottom of your nail bed, sweeping up to the edge of the nail to create that elegant swooping effect. This technique adds a modern twist and depth to your spring nails. Finish by applying a topcoat for a durable, shiny finish.

Moisture Magic: Don’t forget a drop of cuticle oil to hydrate and give your nails that salon-fresh look. Healthy, moisturized cuticles are key to a manicure that turns heads.

Flowers & Dots

To get this fresh springtime look, gently push the cuticles back and remove any excess for a clean nail bed. File nails into a square shape with softly rounded edges for a modern, yet soft look. Apply two coats of clear polish as the base, letting each coat dry thoroughly. This step ensures nails are protected and ready for some art. Grab a dotting tool and dip it into your chosen shade of green polish. Dot away on your middle, thumb, and pinky fingers. This step brings a fun, springy vibe to your manicure. With a thin paintbrush and your favorite flower color, paint a simple flower on both your index and ring fingers. Layer another shade of polish over the first to add depth to your flowers. This trick makes them pop and come to life. Add three small dots in the center of each flower to finish the floral design. Seal nails with a top coat for lasting shine and protection.