Tips on Improving Air Quality in Your Spa

Keeping a spa properly sanitized and clean is among the important ways to ensure the health and safety of clients and staff. It's also  important to practice good air supply and filtration practices at the spa to help protect against COVID-19. Contributor Selena Belisle, instructor at CE Institute in Miami is here with more information on how to improve air quality in your spa:


1. Practice outdoors, on a balcony or even a rooftop whenever possible. Just ensure there is adequate privacy and protection from sunburn.

2. When applicable, open doors or windows to your spa treatment room to allow a greater amount of air exchange. Increasing the amount of incoming air will help dilute lingering airborne germs including COVID-19.

3. Consider changing your work area if you are providing spa services in a small poorly ventilated treatment room. Use the largest and/or best ventilated rooms available. If you have a landlord or employer, ask them if they have any solutions to place you in an improved air quality operating space during the pandemic. 

4. Position equipment such as fans, air vents, and facial steamers in back of the top of the table (behind the client’s head) to allow this forced air to blow away from you and your client, toward any open windows and/or doors. Move your spa table however needed to allow this air flow.

5. Be sure that all air filters in the workplace are clean and changed regularly. Keep all air filtration systems (i.e. HVAC) properly serviced and running. Remove all material or debris away from air vents/fans for the best possible air exchange. 

6. If you have a window air conditioning unit, leave the air vent open. 

7. Consider adding a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter or two next to your spa service area. HEPA filters can suction some airborne germs away from the service and it will also help purify the air.

8. Consider consulting an air quality control organization for advice for your individual establishment.

Author Selena Belisle is the founder of CE Institute LLC in Miami FL. She is a retired professional athlete who has been practicing spa and massage therapies for 30 years. Selena is an approved CE Provider by the Florida Board of Cosmetology and NCBTMB. She now teaches full-time for the Cosmetology and Complementary/Alternative Health Care Industries. You can learn more about Selena’s training and CE classes at