Top 10 Best Cities for Yoga in the U.S.


The lifestyle and health benefits that come with practicing yoga include a stronger body, reduced stress levels, and increased overall wellness. To help yogis find the best places to practice their craft, Apartment Guide decided to uncover the top 10 best cities for yoga in the U.S. To determine the best cities for practicing yoga, Apartment Guide researched each city in the U.S. with a population over 500,000 residents. The cities with the highest per capita ratio were decided to be the best cities for yoga in a quantitative report. Here's what was found:

10. Missouri City, TX – In this city, for every 100,000 people there are 6.7 yoga studios allowing for a variety of open classes. The city’s many hiking trails also make mixing up workouts easy.  

9. La Mesa, CA – The city has almost 60,000 residents, with 6.7 yoga establishments per capita. La Mesa also provides many hills for hiking, offering plenty of options to wellness lovers.


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8. Lancaster PA – In addition to its charm, Lancaster PA has 6.7 yoga establishments per capita, allowing locals and tourists alike plenty of wellness options.

7. Dubuque, IA – In addition to the 6.9 yoga establishments per capita, residents can try cardio hiking at Eagle Point Park, a great place to see the flowing Mississippi River.

6. Casper, WY – Casper is filled with outdoor activities, including hiking on the Oregon Trail, fishing, and skiing. With 7.0 yoga establishments per capita, there’s  a very high chance of securing a class.

5. Jupiter, FL – In addition to the 7.6 yoga establishments per capita, Jupiter provides Dubois Parks playgrounds, picnic areas, and a relaxing beach.

4. Miami Beach, FL – The 7.6 yoga establishments per capita in Miami Beach makes it easy to drop in on a myriad of different yoga classes. There’s even the chance to experience the sunrise and sunset with yoga at the beach at 3rd Street Beach Yoga.

3. Portland, ME – With a near 66,000 residents, Portland offers 9.0 yoga establishments per capita in addition to its award-winning restaurants, markets, and coffee shops.

2. Newport Beach, CA – In addition to its beaches, Newport Beach has a 9.4 yoga establishment per capita.

1. Missoula, MT – Missoula takes the top spot as best city for yogis with 9.4 yoga establishments per capita. This city also has 550 acres of parkland, perfect for the outdoor work out.

According to a 2017 national survey one in seven U.S. adults practice yoga a year. Based on those stats, it's no surprise the number of yoga studios there are in the U.S., and how easy it's become for yogis to find them.


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