Use these Scandinavian Words to Enhance Your Guests' Spa Experience

Photo by LivNordic

It is never too late to learn a new language, especially when it can potentially elevate the spa experience for guests. Sweden, known for its relaxing, “everything in moderation” way of life, might possibly be the best place to live for a daily no-stress mantra. No surprise there, since many words in the Scandinavian language exist because of this calming approach to life. 

The team at Raison D’Etre's LivNordic, a unique luxury hotel and well-being spa brand based in Stockholm, Sweden, recognized the wellness-related vocabulary within the native language, and put together its list of 2017’s most aspiring Scandinavian words. Whether the goal is to encourage clients’ relaxation, renewal, or happiness, the spa community can consider the incorporation of these words to help illustrate each of those intentions.

Fika: To meet up for a cup of coffee and something sweet. Fika can be used as a noun or a verb – to Fika or go for a Fika.

Forelsket: That intoxicatingly euphoric feeling you experience when you’re first falling in love.


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Klämdag: Squeeze Day; if there is a bank holiday then a working day and then another day off, that working day will become a ‘Squeeze Day’ – and an additional day off work.
Fredagsmys: Friday cozy takes place every Friday. Fredagsmys includes nice food, sweets, and a cozy evening setting.
Mysa: To snuggle or cozy up, whether alone or with someone else.  
Kura Skymning: To sit quietly and ponder at dusk.
Livsnjutare: Someone who loves life deeply and lives it to the extreme.
Smultronställe: Wild strawberry place; a special place discovered, treasured and returned to for solace and relaxation.
Friluftsliv: Translation –  “free air life,” meaning when different spots and activities are done outdoors to explore and appreciate nature. This nature connecting and uplifting activity is much appreciated in both Norway and Sweden.


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