The Well Bay Harbor Islands Introduces New Caldarium

The Well Bay Harbor Islands is bringing the first Caldarium to Miami. Modeled after ancient Roman baths, the Caldarium is a social space at the heart of The Bath House at The Well Bay Harbor Islands, where members and residents can relax and enjoy refreshments. It features a hot plunge bath that seamlessly emerges from the ground. With heated walls, floors and benches, the immersive heat and humidity of the space — ranging between 100-120 degrees Fahrenheit — penetrates deep into your body, helping boost circulation, activate the immune system, assist detoxification and support relaxation in mind and body.

Flanking the Caldarium will be several rooms with varying levels of heat and humidity:

  • The Halotherapy Steam Room — The hottest room featuring citrus aromas to support lymphatic organs and facilitate advanced detox
  • The Saunarium — Featuring heated multi-tiered seats and low-level humidity to boost circulation and dry the body 
  • The Infrared and Sound Dome — Another heated room will combine the healing benefits of infrared heat with therapeutic sound therapy developed by The Well practitioner team
  • Energizing Cold Dip — Cold plunge to widen the arteries, stimulate blood flow, accelerate recovery and boost the metabolic system.