WellnessSpace Brands Selected as an Official Recovery Partner for Life Time Dynamic Personal Training

WellnessSpace Brands (formerly branded as HydroMassage), the company known for developing an industry-leading suite of experiential wellness products, including HydroMassageCryoLounge+, and RelaxSpace, announces it has been named an Official Recovery Partner for Dynamic Personal Training at Life Time.

WellnessSpace Brands’ products will be included in Life Time locations across North America, expanding WellnessSpace Brands’ current imprint. WellnessSpace Brands’ products are presently in 30 Life Time locations, with plans to be in the majority of locations by the end of 2024. “We are very pleased to work with Life Time as an official recovery partner,” says Ted Mannering, WellnessSpace Brands’ strategic national accounts manager. “This partnership will provide thousands of fitness enthusiasts the opportunity to experience full physical and mental recovery and to realize the importance of wellness.”

Dynamic Personal Training at Life Time is the most comprehensive form of personal training in the industry. Every session includes a dynamic warmup, a hands-on coaching cueing and specific recovery techniques. Training plans tailored to each member are also part of the program, which includes nutrition, exercise and lifestyle guidance. Dynamic Personal Training is also focused not just on physical health, but whole health, by teaching members healthy behaviors that will lead to lasting, sustainable weight loss and health. Included in each custom training plan are aspects on stress management, nutrition, hydration and sleep.

This partnership comes as WellnessSpace Brands continues to expand its presence in the wellness and recovery spaces across the world. Life Time also recognizes the increasing demand for wellness and recovery products, as it continues growing its Dynamic Personal Training and Dynamic Stretch offerings.