22 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Signing a Contract

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When running a business, it's important to ensure you're getting all the help you need to make your business, or in the case spa, the best it can be. Many of the tools we use to help us run our business though come with a hefty price tag, and usually a contract. Just like shopping for a large purchase in a store, asking questions is key to ensuring all the pertinent information has been discussed in detail. Here’s a list of some of the best questions to ask before signing a contract:

John Harms, founder and CEO, Millennium Systems International:

  • Does the software support current as well as future mobile industry trends? 
  • Does the software provide detailed and powerful metrics to set your business up for long-term success?
  • Does the software support all of your business operations, resources, and employees?
  • Does the software offer education?

Dan Chandre, senior vice president of strategic partnerships,  Booker Software:


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  • Will it help me manage my current business efficiently?
  • Will it allow me access from anywhere, on any device I choose?
  • Will it provide me with accurate data to help me understand how my business is doing?
  • Will it help me grow my business?
  • Will it help me partner with other companies that represent opportunities for growth?
  • Will it be easy for staff to use and help me retain staff by offering a good experience for them as well as customers?

Frank Pitsikalis, founder and CEO, ResortSuite:

  • What are the key features in your product that can help in growing my spa business?
  • What is your niche market (single day spas/multi-location spas/hotel spas/destination spas)?
  • Can your software manage our inventory and point-of-sale requirements?
  • Can your software handle online and mobile booking that automatically updates inventory?
  • For resorts and destination spas: Can your software handle rooms, spa, dining, activities, and memberships in a single system?
  • How easy is it for you to work with us if we expand our business and add more locations?
  • Tell us about your support and maintenance provisions. Does this include all software upgrades, or do we pay for every upgrade?
  • What types of reporting can you provide for my entire staff?
  • Who are your key clients, and would they be able to serve as great references for you?

Amanda Wisell, marketing manager, Springer-Miller Systems, makers of SpaSoft:

  • Does your company charge a service fee to the spa for services booked through the online booking portal? 
  • Can the booking be reserved with a credit card so that we have the option to charge them if they are a “no show?”
  • Can a first-time customer search for services without creating a login? 


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