MindBody Platform Offers Beauty On Demand with New Intelligent Chat Bots

MindBody partners with Gupshup to offer intelligent chat bots.// Photo credit: pattonmania/iStock/Getty Images Plus(pattonmania/iStock/GettyImagesPlus)

Chatbots are revolutionizing every industry, and the beauty sector is no exception. MindBody, the popular wellness services marketplace, is taking advantage of the trend to give its clients easier access to beauty on demand. MindBody is partnering with Gupshup, the world’s leading chatbot and bot development platform, to offer a new scheduling software with customizable bots that can connect users to over 59,000 fitness, wellness, and beauty business around the world.

The bots have the ability to schedule an appointment any time of day, 24/7, with same-day texting abilities. They also allow customers to send selfies to optimize appointments or ask for advice, and they can analyze customer’s face shapes to offer the best hair colors and styles. They can also recommend relevant businesses based on the users recent searches and appointments.

Kassandra Kuehl, owner of Beauty Ecology salon (Wayzata, MN), uses Gushup’s chat bots for her salon as well. “Through partnering with Gupshup, I’m able to provide an experience that builds client loyalty in a time when there is ‘too much of everything,’” the salon owner says. “Chat bot conversations deliver a 97 percent open rate. It’s all about building trust with the person on the other side of the device. That is our passion and focus: how can we serve and communicate with them better over time by holding their hand through our unique offerings. Our bot allows customers to book appointments, order goods, and get answers all over messaging, without downloading an app.”


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The MindBody app is currently being used every 0.7 seconds by over 2.8 million users.


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