3 Subject Line Tips To Increase Your Email Open Rates

Are you a nosey person by nature?

No… I said nosey by nature, not Naughty by Nature.

Ok, maybe not nosey, let’s say inquisitive?  Yeah, that’s a better word. Google says...


In·quis·i·tive  pronounced /inˈkwizədiv/


1. curious or inquiring.

Believe it or not, being nosey is actually a good quality to have. Reporters are curious, research scientists are curious, students are curious.  Anyone with a quest for knowledge is curious. So, now, I’ll ask again: are you nosey by nature?

It's okay to be a little nosey! Most people are. Which is why you should use that to your advantage in your digital marketing.

Email Marketing: Your Readers Are Nosey!

If we can all agree that everyone's a little nosey by nature, then you'll be able to understand why email subject lines are so important. If you want clients to open the emails that you send, make sure your subject line entices that “nosey” part of your client’s character. Tease your clients with a subject line that’s gonna activate their natural nosey nature.

The Worst Possible Subject Line: "This Month's Newsletter"

Any time I see “November Newsletter” in my in box, I strain my eye muscles from rolling them so hard. It kills me, because it’s really such a boring headline. I mean, you’re not ABC, CBS, CNN, or MSNBC, your “news” isn’t that engaging!  Honestly, even ABC uses the headline “Breaking News” on Facebook when something really incredible happens.

You have to get creative with your headlines. Most of your clients are opening email on their mobile device. Nine times out of 10, they’re scanning emails while doing something else. They can be sitting at a red light, in line at Target, sitting at their daughters karate practice; the point is, their multi-tasking through life. Your email is one miniscule part of their day, so it's important to use that time wisely.

Three Helpful Subject Line Tips

  1. Create Curiosity: Whatever you’re writing about, find a way to create an intriguing subject line. Activate curiosity or create mystery—this will encourage your clients to open the email. Your goal is to stop them in their tracks and make them think "what?"

  2. Use Humor: It’s a tough world out there. If you can get a chuckle out of your client, they're going to react. How many times do you find yourself double tapping a funny meme on Instagram? Clients are using digital media as a new form of entertainment to pass the time.
  3. Use A Number List: It’s a proven fact that any time you use a number in the title of the blog article or in a subject line, consumers react to it. Society loves lists: think "top 10 songs of the week," "top 5 reasons to do XYZ," or even the title of this blog "3 Subject Line Tips To Increase Your Email Open Rates"

It can be challenging to come up with these at first. I suggest trying an exercise as practice before deciding on the subject line you're going to use. For example: it's December and you're going to offer a seasonal chemical peel to prep clients for a holiday glow. Take a look at the examples below for what to try (and what to skip).

  • Boring Subject Line: "December Treatment Special"
  • Curious Subject Line: "Is It Safe to Get a Peel Before a Party?"
  • Funny Subject Line: "Want to Ring in 2020 with Your 2010 Face?"
  • Numbers Subject Line: "Three Reasons You Need a Pre-Party Peel!"

No matter what your doing in your business every month, you want to make sure your clients are reading about it in your email marketing. Taking a few minutes to come up with really engaging subject lines is a surefire way to ensure clients open your emails. Historically, higher open rates lead to higher conversion rates, so more clients opening your emails means more clients booking appointments with you.


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