3 Ways a Spa Software Can Help Clients this Holiday Season

Three Ways a Spa Software Can Help Clients this Holiday Season // Photo credit: GUNDAM_Ai for Shutterstock

With the holiday season right around the corner, consumers have already begun looking for the perfect gifts for their loved ones. Historically, there are two main factors that can entice shoppers to buy from your spa: ease of purchase and ease of use. Consumers are looking for gifts that are not only easy for them to purchase but for the receiver to be able to use, as well. When a spa uses a software to help clients make purchases, book appointments, and more, it’s sure to both attract new customers and increase repeat clientele.

“When done well, automated payment systems contribute to a friction-free mindset for both clients and employees,” says Guy Weismantel, senior vice president of Zenoti, a new salon and spa software company. “Using this technology enables clients to skip lines and frees up time for professionals to embrace the human element, focusing on what they love to do–making people look and feel their best.”

Here are three ways an automated spa software can assist you and your clients this holiday season, according to Weismantel:

  1. Skip the lines: With payment tech like Autopay, customers in a hurry can skip the line on their way out, seamlessly transitioning into the rest of their day.
  2. Connect digitally: Utilizing online web stores and mobile apps is key to accessibility. Customers can buy the products they want, when they want, avoiding long line wait times in-store.
  3. Provide options: Payments are not a one-size-fits-all thing. With the spa and salon technology available today, owners can utilize kiosks, phones, and additional auto-payment options to provide customers with a variety of ways to pay.

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