5 Ways to Blend Social Media With Your Spa’s Offline Marketing

5 Ways to Blend Social Media With Your Spa’s Offline Marketing // Photo credit: Rawpixel/iStock/Getty Images Plus

Today’s consumers cross easily between online and offline environments through their experience with your business. They look for services in their local area using their smartphones, read online recommendations, and try to find answers to all their issues by participating in Facebook groups and forum discussions. However, it’s important to blend online and offline channels because each one plays a different role in influencing how clients discover you and make their decisions.

Balancing the high reach and great exposure of social media marketing with the control and consistency of traditional offline marketing can offer the best of both worlds. If you’re looking to improve your spa’s marketing strategy, be sure to try some of the following tactics:

1. Bring Your Offline Events Online

Events like local festivals, seminars, or community meetings at your spa are opportunities for networking and face-to-face marketing. Let customers know about the events you are organizing by printing posters and creating a Facebook event with event details. It’s a great way to help spread the word for your event and to invite your current clients and prospects to attend if they wish. 


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Videos and live-streaming are still trending and are a must-do marketing tactic. Live-stream during your events via Instagram Live or Facebook Live. Also, share behind-the-scenes photos and videos of the events at which you are involved. This will not only stretch the limits of face-to-face communication and generate a buzz around your happenings but could also broaden your reach and attract new attendees to your future events. 

2. Get Your Spa Selfie-Friendly

People enjoy taking selfies after their facial treatments because their faces feel refreshed and smooth after a solid session at the spa. Many are those who post the pictures on their social media accounts and discuss their makeovers with others. This is an opportunity for you to expose your spa to potential clients. Take advantage of this trend by setting up a special area in your spa for clients to take selfies before and after their treatments. 

Put a sign informing people that the created space is right for taking selfies. Decorate the area with cute and funny selfie props and add stickers of your business name and logo on the backdrop. This will make the pamper session more entertaining and encourage clients to take pictures of themselves in the salon. 

You can also offer a discount or a free service if the client snaps a selfie, posts it to Facebook, and tags your spa’s Facebook business page.

3. Get More Online Clients Recommendations

Instruct your spa receptionist to ask clients at the end of their visit to share their experience on your social media profiles. Positive feedback will encourage others to give your services a try. 

4. Tailor Your Marketing Message 

Social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest have free built-in analytics platforms. They allow you to track a range of metrics about your posts and learn what type of content engages your social media followers the most. Additionally, you have access to audience analysis that can help you understand what demographics are attracted to your business. This information can assist you in tailoring your print and radio ads.   

5. Spread The Word For Your Spa

A very effective blend of marketing is to be featured in a local newspaper or industry magazine demonstrating your expertise and share snapshots of those articles on your social media sites. Good press can instill confidence in your current clients and drive new clients through your spa’s door. 

About the Author: Manuela Gadancheva is a digital marketing expert at OptiLocal, an online marketing agency specializing in Local Search Engine Optimization, where she works on all things social media, content marketing, and digital advertising. She is a knowledge-seeker and tries to stay up to date on the latest trends in SEO, social media marketing, and online advertising. For more information, email her at [email protected] or visit https://optilocal.org/.


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