7 Tips for Taking the Best Instagram Photo to Showcase Your Work

While most of us are stuck at home waiting for our lives to "return to normal," many business owners find themselves with an abundance of something they never had before: time. Though businesses are slowing down as social distancing increases, now is the perfect opportunity for professionals to take advantage of this free time and increase their business acumen.

For spas and salons, this could mean revamping your menu options, upgrading your website, or enhancing your marketing tools—and what better way to up your store's marketing ante than on social media. While we're all home mindlessly scrolling on our phones, now is the perfect time to increase your social media presence.

“Social media is where I get new clients," says Jessica Scott Santo, owner of Jessica Scott Hair (Sciota, PA). "It's my portfolio. Showcase your creative talent and you will see the results."


Here, Santo shares her top seven tips for taking the best photo to showcase your work on social media:


  1. Natural Lighting is Key: This shows the true colors of hair versus inside lighting that can alter the tone. The same goes for showcasing how your client's skin is glowing after a facial. If capturing that perfect picture is not feasible, create a short video of brushing out the curls or something…get creative!
  2. Make Sure the Finished Look is Complete: Your client's hair surface should be super smooth, reflective, and not frizzy. Capture an eye-catching image that will make people want to stop and stare at your page. For manicures or waxing, make sure the edges of the area in focus are super clean.
  3. Posing Can Make or Break a Picture: Get inspiration from other accounts and experiment with a co-worker or friend to refine your posing style.
  4. Choose an Impactful Cover Image for Videos: A cover photo has to be good enough to draw attention to want to watch that video. A blurry or black cover photo will not cut it.
  5. Keep the Background Simple: Don’t have busy stuff in the background, it is distracting and takes the emphasis off your work. Try the App FaceTime 2, it allows the background to be slightly blurred, drawing more attention to your client.
  6. More is Better: Take 100+ pictures of the same client at different angles and phases of their process or treatment, so much content can be generated from just one look.
  7. Don't Make Excuses: Make the time to take the shots. If a client is coming in, block 15 minutes extra time to take pictures. One post could possibly generate five more clients in the door! Be sure to take before, during, and after photos to showcase the full look, pre- and post-treatment.


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