The Importance of Creating A Brand Community on Social Media

One of the most amazing aspects of the digital space is the ability to connect with people quickly, easily, and without boundaries. Historically, a small business would need to join networking organizations to create connections with their community, but the digital space has changed all of that. It’s easier than ever to create a community through your digital efforts. You can connect with other businesses, local charities, business organizations  such as the chamber of commerce, or any business associations in your area. Most importantly, you can connect with potential customers on digital.

It’s important to establish a sense of community with your digital media efforts. Turn your fans and followers on your social media platforms into a cohesive community. All businesses should have a mission, and that mission should be the common thread that you have with the members of your community. Make sure you use that commonality as the basis to help everyone come together. If you specialize in nails, you want to make sure your community is nail-centric. If you do a lot of waxing, then your community voice should be all about the amazing world of wax. If you’re a skincare business, then your community should be all about great skin, treatments, products, and devices.

Nothing is more important than making your fans and followers feel valued and honored. They want to know that your platforms are a space where they can come and interact with you. If you create a feeling of safety, openness, and mutual respect, you will see a dynamic sense of engagement that’s organic and fun! An easy way to ensure this is by making sure you have community standards. Create boundaries that your members are required to respect.  A safe space for open dialogue requires everyone to behave according to community standards. Be sure to enforce the boundaries.

You'll want to encourage conversation within your social community. When you post to your platforms, create a space where your members can be vulnerable enough to ask questions and express their voice without fear of any other members disrespecting them. This will help your community to grow, and as your community grows, so too does your potential client base. 

An environment of open conversation on your social media platforms is vital to creating a thriving business. Today, social media is less and less about “buy this now” and more about “let’s talk about this topic and learn more about it.” As you expand on topics in your community discussions, you will see organic growth to your sales as you become a top-of-mind business for the central focus of your community’s dialogue. Of course, you can still talk about your business’s services on your platforms.  You can still—and should—run ads on Facebook and Instagram. Your community understands that you’re a business, but the majority of the time, invest in creating fun, informative, thought provoking content that encourages conversation. You’ll have a blast and so will your community!

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