The Foolproof Trick to Promoting Your Spa on Facebook

Facebook Boosts can help your spa reach the audience its looking for // Photo Credit: mactrunk/iStock/Getty Images Plus

If you want to grow your business, it’s no secret you need to advertise. Gone are the days when the only option for advertising, was in newspapers, on the radio, or in the Yellow Pages. In the new digital world, if you’re not advertising through an online platform, you’re missing out.

It’s undeniable that the most popular online platform in today’s digital landscape is Facebook. It’s the highest trafficked website in the world. More specifically, Facebook also has the most ideal demographics for the spa industry.  

All of those attributes make advertising your spa or beauty business on Facebook a win-win. Not only does Facebook offer a spa or beauty business the ability to create a dynamic presence, it also offers businesses the ability to pinpoint users based on information that Facebook users supply. There’s no guessing anymore. Your business can hyper target via advertising.  

Boosting A Post 

Facebook makes using their advertising platform very easy. A majority of the posts that you make to your business’s Facebook Page will have “Boost Post” button. This option will guide you through a step by step process for advertising on Facebook. Features of the button include:

  • Objective: You can select whether you want comments, shares and likes vs. engaging with fans via messenger.

  • Call To Action Button: If you would like, you can add a Call To Action Button, such as Book Now or Learn More, to your boosted post.
  • Audience: You can choose who sees your ad. Even go so far as to select the demographics of those who see it by age, gender, location, and interests.
  • Budget and Duration: You will be able to set a daily budget for your ad spend and how long you would like the ad to run.

These boosted posts are great if your spa is offering a monthly treatment special or a limited time offer you’d like to promote quick and effectively. The good news is that creating these ads are super intuitive and user-friendly—create your own using the following five easy steps:

  1. Create a post about your special with a link to your online booking software.
  2. Select “Boost Post.”
  3. Choose a “Book Now” button.
  4. Select an audience.
  5. Set your budget and duration.

You’ll want to monitor the ad’s performance to see if you’re engaging your audience. You can view ad metrics on the post under the insights tab. If the ad isn’t performing well, you can pause the ad, and try a different image and copy in the post. You can also try adjusting your audience to see if that helps improve performance.

Once you’ve mastered boosting posts from your page, you can take a more advanced approach within the Business Manager ad platform, which offers more concise targeting, retargeting, and analytics for larger campaigns.  

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