Three Ways To Use A Closed Group For Your Spa

Have you noticed an increase in the number of invites you’ve received to become a member of a Facebook group? You're not alone. Over this last year, many major brands have created both public and private Facebook groups for fans to join. There are groups for skincare brands and devices, skincare and esthetician organizations, and much more. Lipgloss + Aftershave even has a Facebook group called Spa Love-Beauty Business Mastermind. It’s for anyone in the spa industry and contains a lot of great information for skincare pros in the group. 

But why the recent uptick in Facebook group marketing? It’s simple: groups help brands reach and connect with their target audience. The three different types of Facebook groups available allow brands to create the group that best suits the needs of its members.

  1. Public Groups

    Public Groups are great for any time you want to have an open membership to the group. This is where you want anyone to be able to join and engage.
  2. Closed Groups

    Many businesses and organizations used closed groups to help them in their overall business development. Organizations use closed groups to provide content that they want to deliver to a very specific audience.  Because you can control who is a member of a closed group, by approving membership, you can ensure that your selected audience views your content.  
  3. Secret Groups

    These are closed groups that are not visible to anyone other than the members, called secret groups. Depending on the sensitivity of your closed group’s subject matter, you may consider classifying your group as a secret group to help protect the privacy of your members.

If you create a closed group, like Spa Love or American Spa - Women in Wellness, you will be able to segment the clients of your business and then create content to them that will directly benefit them. You can communicate with them about special products they may need, special events you’ll hold for them, provide them third party content that pertains to them, and more. Pro Tip: use your group as a sales tool to increase revenue by showcasing product and treatment offerings to the clients in the group. 

Three Ways to Use a Closed Group for Your Spa

VIP Perks
If you have a long list of regular customers you could create a closed group on Facebook where only they can come and ask questions, get VIP-only access to discounts and promotions, and schedule last-minute openings. Anyone who has spent over a certain amount of money with you in a certain amount of time could gain access to the group.

Monthly Programs
If you have a program for your clients where they purchase goods or services on a monthly basis, or a series of any treatment, you can offer membership in a closed group to help you communicate with clients and deliver confidential and proprietary information. If a client buys a series of treatments, or if you have a retail shopping club or a monthly treatment club, the closed group can become an additional benefit for those clients.

Unique Treatment Clients
If you offer some type of unique treatment that may require a lot of ongoing discussion regarding pre- and post-treatment care, or if there is a change in lifestyle that comes with the treatment, a closed group is a great way to connect clients with other clients who have undergone that treatment as well. Think cellulite reduction, permanent makeup, injectables, weight loss treatments, or microblading. Not only can your clients connect with each other regarding their treatments, but you can follow up with clients about their post-treatment upkeep and care.

Imagine being able to answer client questions about after care of peels in a group, so you can educate all of your peel clients at the same time. If you had a group that was for all of your advanced peel clients, you could do that! You can even do Facebook Lives of anything new that you’re doing on your peels menu, so everyone who loves your peels can be informed. Or, imagine being able to explain why your best-selling vitamin C product is so effective to all of your best retail clients with one post. If you had a VIP Shoppers Closed Group, you could offer regular insight on products. You can even take your interactions a step further and take polls to discover which products your customers love most.

These are a just a few things that can be done in Facebook groups. The platform continues to evolve and change. The inclusion of Facebook groups is a natural part of the progression. Join in on the fun!


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