What Does Your Digital Calendar Look Like?

Do you use a digital calendar?  Maybe you’re asking, “Hey, what’s a digital calendar?” Or maybe, you look at your phone and think smugly to yourself, “I use the digital calendar in my phone!”  Well, a digital calendar isn’t the form of the calendar, it’s the subject matter of the calendar. It’s the calendar that you use to stay on top of all of your digital needs for your business. It’s a way to plan out when you’re going create all of the content that you’ll be using in all of your digital activities.  

The new millennium has created an entirely new way to market a business. Using all of the digital opportunities out there can be overwhelming. Having a calendar to help you plan the time that you’ll need to create the content that you’ll be using is really important.  

Before you can make a digital calendar, you need to know what digital strategies you should be utilizing for your business. Here’s a list of the top digital activities that many small businesses engage in on a regular basis:

  • Taking Photos
  • Making Videos
  • Making Boomerangs
  • Creating Promotional Flyers
  • Creating Memes
  • Writing Social Media Post Captions
  • Writing Blog Articles
  • Writing Email Content

There are so many ways that you can plan out when you’ll work on creating content. Many start by reviewing their upcoming month’s marketing calendar to review the upcoming promotions to determine the digital collateral requirements. Then, they plan out when they will set aside time to complete the digital collateral.  

Schedule Time To Shoot Photos + Videos

Planning the days and times for taking photos and making videos can help ensure that you get great pictures for the upcoming month. This will help you coordinate with others if you will need to have a facial model or if you want to get photos of your staff holding products. You can have so much more fun and get great shots when you plan it out. This will allow you to plan out where you’ll shoot and ensure that it’s clean and “photo shoot ready.” 

Set Aside Time To Create Visual Content

Once you schedule time to shoot photos and videos, then you can plan out when you’ll be able to make promotional flyers and any special memes or animations. There are so many different smartphone apps that you can use to help create unique and fun content. Learning how to use a few content creation tools can make the whole process a breeze. Mastering sites such as Canva and becoming a master at PicFlow will take your visual content to new heights.

Book Yourself Time To Write

It’s a great idea to have all of your photos, videos, Boomerangs, memes, and animations created before you set aside time to write blog articles and content for emails and social media captions. Many times having the photos and videos in front of you will spark the creative process and make writing much easier.  

Treat your digital calendar just like an appointment calendar. Book digital content creation appointments so you can give yourself time to create content that will help you grow your business. Keeping yourself organized while you efficiently manage your time will help you find success that you never even dreamed was possible.  

Want to learn more creating a creating digital calendars? Be sure to attend Lipgloss + Aftershave’s IECSC New York class on Digital Marketing Plans to Increase Sales.


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