What's Really Causing Your Followers to Unsubscribe

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Though social media marketing is ever growing among businesses, email marketing is still imperative to reaching the correct audience for your business, so we spoke to the experts about why users may be unsubscribing from your email lists. Here, discover what not to do so your email marketing keeps targeting the right audience.

  • Don’t spam people or purchase email lists. “This is a very bad practice and a waste of your money,” says Amanda Wisell, marketing manager at Springer-Miller Systems, makers of SpaSoft
  • Don’t forget to proofread—not just spelling and grammar. “Double check any prices, dates, or details to ensure that everything is correct,” says Wisell. 
  • Don’t drop off after one email. “It can take six or more touches for a client to respond to emails or offers,” says Wisell. “Create a series of emails at once and schedule them to go out at intervals for maximum effect. Don’t email too often—once a month or once every two weeks at maximum.”
  • Don’t leave the email preview empty. “By leaving the email preview empty, your email will take the first 100 characters, which usually are the date and the headline, as the email’s preview,” says Book4Time’s Yeniffer Padrino.
  • Don’t use a generic email address. “People like to see real people sending them emails, not automated emails from ‘[email protected],’” says Padrino. “Even if they are automated emails, always use a real always-tracked email address on the ‘From:’ line.”
  • Don’t forget the text version of your email. “It’s impressive the number of people who don’t like displaying images in their emails, sometimes they are just concerned about viruses, or they simply don’t want to use the data by downloading images in an email, so make sure the text version of your email replicates the content from your HTML version,” says Padrino.
  • Don’t re-use the same sale every week. “Your clients will notice over time that there is no actual urgency and will wait for the next sale,” says Becky Westmoreland, marketing manager at Vagaro.




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