10 Tips for Spa Marketing Success

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It's no secret that marketing a business can be difficult, and the spa business is no exception, which is why we at American Spa are constantly trying to provide you, our readers, the latest and most useful tips for helping your spa business flourish. Here, our experts reveal ten secrets to achieve a successful digital marketing strategy:

  • Promote a consistent and relevant brand through marketing efforts. “Establish brand standards that give an overview of the company’s vision as well as brand colors, logo specs, and messaging,” says Chad Hankinson, founder of Stylie.
  • Maintain a modern and clean website that is easy to navigate across all devices.
  • Ensure clients can book appointments easily through various devices.
  • Always test. “Identify customers’ needs, test hypotheses in paid social media ads or email marketing campaigns, and then iterate and test again,” says Hankinson.
  •  Study the makeup of the current traffic to the website. “Using Google Analytics, a spa owner can determine how much traffic is coming from Google versus Facebook, what percentage of total website traffic is from mobile versus desktop users, and which landing pages on the website are getting the most traffic,” says Bryan Robinson, cofounder of Visible Spa Marketing. “Ultimately, when campaigns are working, spa owners should be able to correlate that to data, so they know they are getting a good return on investment.”
  • Use online research tools to find out the keywords customers are using as well as questions they are asking about spa services. “This information can be used to create website content and optimize websites for search,” says Robinson.
  • Know your audience. “Custom content curation is key,” says  Erica Lee Dement, director of marketing and design at Lira Clinical.
  • Set goals. “Do you want to increase inquiries on a service? Do you want them to take advantage of a sale? Asking questions like these will help you craft your content accordingly,” says Dement.
  • Show off the spa’s personality. “People want to connect with a brand, like they are having a conversation, not like they are being solicited,” says Dement.
  • Ensure contact info is accessible.

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