The Secrets to Successful Email Marketing

Here's how to successfully market your spa via email // Photo credit: fizkes/iStock/Getty Images Plus (fizkes/iStock/Getty Images Plus)

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to communicate with loyal and potential clients. “It’s an opportunity for a business to deliver a personalized message or detailed information directly to someone,” says Erica Lee Dement, director of marketing and design at Lira Clinical. “In turn, it allows the customer to respond directly back to the business on a personal level or have various options to clickthrough to content. It allows for a more consolidated interactive and informational approach when connecting with your audience, and it differs from a social media platform that offers one form of content and a click-through link to the masses.”

Your spa can utilize email marketing to provide clients with information about the company, give relevant updates, and post a video and links to engage clients. “You can think of it as a mini website with the latest customized content,” says Dement. “This type of direct messaging is so important because it offers more of a personal experience. If you can get a user to opt-in to receive email communication, it’s because they are interested in what you have to offer or the subject matter at hand. Maximizing that interest opens a lot of windows for marketing opportunities.”

Here, learn from our experts how email marketing can benefit your spa.

How can spas increase open rates?
“Be clear, concise, and have a call to action. Personalization is also key, so emails should always be targeted. While sending a single message to all clients may be effective, leverage data, such as purchase history, gender, and geographical location, to make the information more personal and applicable to clients. Email campaigns should also be mobileoptimized, as they heighten conversion rates and email lead generation. Make the email measurable. Test the email to determine which design elements and content are engaging with clients and increasing conversion rates. Making your content as genuine and personable as possible will help increase the connection between your brand and customers.”—Chad Hankinson, founder, Stylie

What are the benefits of an effective email introduction?
“A welcome or introduction email is essential once someone opts-in to receive emails. This is your opportunity to engage with a potential customer right off the bat and gives them options on how, what, and when they would like to receive emails. It is also your brand introduction to help tell your story and captivate your subscriber.” —Erica Lee Dement, director of marketing and design, Lira Clinical

How can spas improve subject lines?
“Keep subject lines personally captivating and less descriptive. Email subject lines should either get to the point, perk individual interest, or promote a call-to-action. If you are struggling with your subject line, put yourself in your consumers’ shoes. Ask yourself, ‘would I open this email?’ If it is a sale, make sure you are displaying the relevant discount details. If it is a promotion, get creative and have fun with enticement.”—Dement

Is email timing important?
“Timing is key, especially if you want your clients to take action from your email, such as book an appointment or buy a gift card. Most email platforms offer analytics that will help spa owners determine the best days of the week and time of day to send emails. For example, if most of your clients work a typical 9-to-5 job, it can be assumed that they will be less likely to open and click through an email that is sent during the workday.”—Colleen Lemos, senior public relations specialist in the marketing and public relations division, Millennium Systems International


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