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Marketing a medical spa is not the same as marketing a day or destination spa. With different clientele and different services, a med spa director cannot use the same marketing strategies as a resort-style spa, and vice versa. For example, treatments unique to med spas like lip injections will require different marketing than a simple facial or body treatment. Here, Alex R. Thiersch, J.D., founder and director of the American Med Spa Association (AmSpa), shares his tips for marketing lip treatments and improving your medical spa’s bottom line.

GET CLIENTS IN THE OFFICE: Through marketing and the use of mid-level practitioners (rather than physicians) to administer these procedures, medical spas are beginning to focus on providing specialized treatments to the lips with fillers and Botox, and they’re making a lot of money doing it. Although devices like lasers and CoolSculpting will definitely continue to play significant roles in medical spas, many practices are going to go back to focusing on fillers and other injections. Quite simply, they are inexpensive, effective, and low-risk treatments that get people through the door.

UTILIZE TREATMENT COMBINATIONS: The way lips are treated has become more refined in recent years. Some medical spas offer combination lip treatments that include fillers combined with Botox. In these treatments, the Botox is applied above the lip in order to freeze the muscle so that the lip is drawn up in such a way as to make it appear fuller.


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LISTEN TO YOUR CLIENTS: Lip treatments aren’t necessarily the most sensational or lucrative treatment that a medical spa can provide, but they are a foundation of the industry. If your medical spa does not offer fillers, it’s definitely worth exploring. After all, selfies aren’t going anywhere, and as long as people pucker their lips like celebrities, there will be money to be made from lip treatments.


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