Bonding Blooms at The Ritz-Carlton Spa Los Angeles

Photography: Getty Images

Collaborations have been making a splash in the spa industry recently. At The Ritz-Carlton Spa, Los Angeles, a partnership with celebrity florist Eric Buterbaugh became an opportunity to showcase the spa’s creativity and commitment to offering a consistently refreshed menu.

“We wanted to highlight our dedication to offering programs that were truly ‘only in LA’ in nature,” says former spa director Kory Keith. The result was the limited-time Smoke & Roses treatments, which drew on the signature Sultry Rose scent from Buterbaugh’s fragrance line. According to Keith, the staff is always exploring trends and looking for ways to take them to the next level, such as when the spa introduced its Garden to Glamorous treatments, which incorporated fresh herbs and botanicals from the rooftop garden, in response to the farm-to-spa-table movement.

Wanting to offer a fresh take on the idea and speak to the popularity of garden-inspired treatments, the spa partnered with Buterbaugh, who is based in LA and known for his celebrated arrangements. “I was able to visit his studio, learn a bit about floral selection and arrangement and a bit more about fragrance note combinations, and used this as a foundation to develop the Smoke & Roses treatments,” says Keith. “In turn, Eric’s team visited our spa and created original arrangements that complemented the treatments and spa setting.”


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