Expert Insights: Seven Tips for Successful Collaborations

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Here are seven ways your spa can benefit from a professional collaboration // Photo credit: julief514/iStock/Getty Images Plus

While influencers seem to be taking the wellness world by storm, there are a number of ways that spas and wellness brands can work with influencers instead of against them. Collaborating with a celebrity or well-known industry professional can often bring great exposure to a property or brand, among a number of other benefits as well. Interested in partnering with a celeb or high-profile wellness guru? Our experts share their best advice:

“Do your research. Be sure you know exactly what you are really looking to gain from the individual or experience. If it’s educated and aligned with your authentic self, go for it.”
Lauren Taus, life coach and yoga instructor

“Start the process as far in advance as possible, as their calendars book up quickly.”
—Alison Lewis, social media manager and special events coordinator, The Resort at Paws Up


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“One thing we learned that was rather surprising, when considering fitness experts with huge social media followings, is that big social media numbers don’t necessarily translate into bookings for a wellness retreat. It’s easy to ‘like’ or ‘follow’ something or someone online, but it’s an entirely different thing to book and attend a trip. I learned that the qualifier should be to use influencers who have proven track records of people who literally follow them to destinations for trips and special events. And of course, fees should be negotiated, and it's smartest to base them on actual booking percentages.”
—Tammy Pahel, founder and principal, Spa Management Solutions

“Personal connection is the one thing missing out of most events and experiences. We have found a way to create connection with a huge audience, being a part of a community that you want to grow is hard to come by. It’s time to find it, and go for it.”
Jen Widerstrom, diet expert, personal trainer, and author

“When looking to collaborate with another brand or celebrity, I think it is imperative to choose a partner whose core values closely align with your own brand philosophy. The partnership should also be mutually beneficial and both brands should enhance each other’s offerings in order to help achieve their overall goals.”
—Carl Pratt, vice president and general manager, Miraval Arizona Resort & Spa

“Be clear on what the objectives are that you as an organization are hoping to achieve from this type of collaboration. You have to have realistic expectations when working in this model of what the results and deliverables will be. You may not get 100 additional room nights, but you will establish your spa or resort as a destination that takes wellness and health seriously. You have to take the long view. Also, ensure your PR and marketing teams are working in conjunction with the guru’s team so that the event is getting as much exposure in as many channels as possible.”
—Patrick Huey, corporate spa director, Montage International

“Don’t be scared to reach out. If you think it’s a dream collaboration, and you’re creating a brand that is heart centered and stands out, there’s probably a high chance they want to work with you.”
Mel Wells, nutritionist, health and eating psychology coach, and author


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