The Comeback Series: FarmHouse Fresh

This series focuses on the many ways that brands are helping the spa industry with the comeback. Photo credit: FarmHouse Fresh

What are five ways in which your brand is helping the spa industry with the comeback?

FarmHouse Fresh is offering a range of innovative programs that have been helping spas throughout this unprecedented time, including:

1. Direct-Ship Home Delivery in which spas receive checks every 30 days from any orders placed by their clients/customers.


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2. Try Before You Buy program for accounts that are new to FarmHouse Fresh and wish to test the line and apply their purchases toward future opening orders.

3. Live Webinars to assist with every step of reopening.

4. Educational Certification for estheticians, therapists, and spa managers to learn more about product ingredients and benefits online from home, while earning free retail products to use and sample.

5. Offering a range of unscented hand sanitizer options, including gels and liquids built to the FDA monograph that help spas comply with local and state regulations related to COVID-19.


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