Discover Nailcare Nuances at Prose

Prose features a modern design with comfy seating and positive messages encouraging guests to love their hands and feet.  

A more thoughtful experience is at the heart of a new nail boutique franchise launched in Arizona that is tapping into today’s wellness-centric lifestyle.

Created with the purpose of helping people to love their hands and feet, Prose (Phoenix and Scottsdale, AZ) reinvents the traditional nail spa experience with a sleek and simplistic design of more than 2,000 square feet of space with thoughtful touch points, such as a consumer-centered manicure table with phone plug-ins and purse hooks and customized pedicure chairs and bowls. The nail boutique also puts convenience first and gives consumers on-demand access to the brand with mobile app and online booking capabilities to help simplify the check-in and -out process. Committed to avoiding the use of chemicals, Prose excludes acrylic nail services from its treatment menu. The brand debuted in Phoenix in December, and the first franchise location opened in February in Scottsdale, AZ. Founder and CEO Dave Crisalli launched the brand with the idea that it could deliver a healthier experience with a nourishing environment, attentive artists, natural products, and more. No stranger to industry disruptors, Crisalli is the former president and CEO of Massage Envy. Here, he shares how Prose delivers on the promise to create a more beautiful and healthy experience.


What prompted you to create Prose? 

People create products and services they want to use themselves. I receive pedicures often, and my family visits salons every few weeks. I felt that the experience could be more thoughtful and healthier. I have always appreciated the wonderful people who perform this important work, and so I set out to design and create an inspiring space for these artists and customers to feel more valued. I listened and learned from countless customers and employees, and Prose is the embodiment of that journey.

To what do you attribute Prose’s success? 

This is a complex and old space. That is code for: It’s a hard business. I have listened to and learned from the customers and employees and heard what has been occurring for decades. We set out to solve hard problems and create a better path forward.  So, we have invested in great design and have spent a lot of time really focused on our people and the experience. When you look under the hood at Prose, these are a few of the things that drive the market’s favorable reaction to our brand. 

Why do you think the brand has been able to succeed where others have failed? 

What’s the old axiom? “Success has many fathers, and failure is an orphan.” We have worked hard to fail and fail fast. We are learning from every mistake along our journey. If I point to one area driving our success, it is our constant focus on our purpose to delight the customer and the employee.

How did you decide on Scottsdale for the second location?

I knew we wanted to design and build two boutiques, because doing one is a hobby. The Scottsdale consumer is smart and sophisticated, and it’s a perfect foundation for Prose to serve women, men, and children.

Prose Phoenix storefront
The Phoenix storefront provides a glimpse inside of its open and spacious layout.

What makes Prose stand out from the competition? 

Prose has dedicated, very experienced franchise leadership driving the brand’s growth. We have amazing franchisees who care deeply about the employee and customer experience too. Our brand has been architected at the intersection of health and beauty, and we deliver it consistently through our risk-free membership program. 

What have been the biggest challenges in expanding and growing the business? 

Winning and keeping artists and members is always at the center of the biggest opportunities for growth.

How do you attract new and repeat clients and encourage them to visit? 

We have simplified the very complex menus that have existed in these salons for decades. The result is a simple product menu and two premium services: manicure and pedicure. And, with our risk-free membership, our guests join Prose. Our members enjoy wonderful member benefits like up to 36 percent off their services every month, easy sharing, and free access to any Prose across the nation. 

How do you use digital marketing and social media to boost business? 

Social is a competitive weapon for every business. We engage the social platforms smartly and deeply. We respect the consumer’s voice to share how they feel, and we engage the customer and manage our reputation accordingly. 

How do you keep your staff motivated to sell? 

We have built a culture at Prose that focuses on delighting and surprising the guest and member. Our team doesn’t get compensated to sell, only to deliver a great service experience. By simplifying our menu and only choosing to deliver the highest quality products, our people can really connect with our members. It’s more relational to us at Prose and less transactional. 

What plans do you have for the future? 

The future for us is filled with a deep focus and working hard to grow our people and their talents and improve our business systems. Doing this allows us the wonderful opportunity to partner with the right franchisees in markets throughout the U.S. to build and grow the Prose brand.



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