Here's How to Design the Perfect Space for Nail Services

We asked a few experts their advice and opinion on designing the ideal space for nail services, and here is what they had to say: 

How can nail spas avoid trends that will quickly become outdated? 

“Minimalism is always on trend. We see more and more nail spas opting for modern, open spaces with lots of natural light. Also, it is very easy for the decor to become dated, so many nail spas are now looking for versatile decor solutions or furniture they can move and redecorate with over the years.”
—Noel Asmar, CEO and founder, Noel Asmar Pedicure Bowls & Accessories

Get the idea:  At The Spa at Fearrington (Pittsboro, NC), for example, the nail space was designed with three pedicure and three manicure stations and a lounge space area in the middle for guests to relax. “Having an open design space allows guests to enjoy treatments together,” says spa director Angela Avellino. “This space in the middle allows us to set up for tea parties or other food options for a large group, and guests can mingle with each other while having treatments.” In addition, the spa’s upscale design features large wingback pedicure chairs with freestanding galvanized tubs to soak in that are filled with warm water using galvanized watering cans, tying into the location’s farm and scenery. 

What are some ways spas can stand out? 
“Nail spa decor should be intriguing, because people are sitting and thinking while they’re having their nails done, and the eye should have something interesting to rest on. We recommend large art walls, sometimes interesting quote walls to stimulate the mind, and great magazine racks stuffed with glossy magazines for when people are getting their pedicures. I would love to see video monitors with amusing videos, because I think laughter is the best medicine. I believe that every nail spa should have its own personal fragrance and an excellent exhaust system.”
—Clodagh, CEO and principal, Clodagh Design

How can nail spas set the mood to enhance the client’s experience? 
“Opt for local artwork rather than typical ‘industry’ images, take advantage of ambient lighting, and strategically place mirrors to set the mood.”
—Karen Raasch, sales and marketing director, Continuum Pedicure Spas

Get the idea: The Palm Nail Suite at The Spa at Four Seasons Resort at The Biltmore Santa Barbara (CA), for example, sets the mood with breathtaking views of Butterfly Beach. 

What are some unique ways spas can create a comfortable experience for clients? 

“Bring in-home features such as built-in plush armchairs with comfortable and high-end faucets for the pedicure sinks to give the customer a more personalized and intimate experience. Using soft tones, minimalist looks, and eco-friendly furnishings and accents calms the mood and appears clean and professional, yet pampered. I love when the design allows the customer to have everything they need in one spot—a charger for their phone and a small area to place a drink or a book.”
—Erin Madson, co-owner, Amber Products

Get the idea: The Spa at Pebble Beach (CA), for example, includes features that add to a client’s experience. “We tried to think of every detail, including purse stools next to each pedicure throne, so that our guests have a safe spot to place their bags,” says spa director Lara Davidson. “We had manicure stations custom built with internal plugs so we could have built-in hot cabbies at each manicure station.” 

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