Spas Discover the Root of Healing with Herb-Inspired Treatments

Featuring a Japanese theme, the Wood Suite at Sunmore Ginseng Spa has two treatment tables and two wooden tubs. // Photo courtesy of Sunmore Ginseng Spa.

Healing herbs have long played an important role in spas. One herb in particular, ginseng, is taking center stage at Sunmore Ginseng Spa (Kamloops, Canada). Known for stimulating the mind, reducing stress, and improving the health of skin and hair, ginseng is not only grown outside the spa but also retailed next door at Sunmore HealthTech, a leader in ginseng manufacturing.

Founded by herbalist Donna Chang in 1991, the company provides quality ginseng products, such as honey, powders, supplements, teas, and more, to people worldwide and offers tours to reveal the benefits of this popular root. As part of the tour or a la carte, spa enthusiasts can also enjoy a visit to the spa, which features five themed rooms: Gold, Wood, Water, Earth, and Fire. There, they can experience the Ginseng Journey ($314, 2 hours), which involves the Ginseng Bath, Ginseng Honey Facial, and Ginseng Detox Body Massage, or a host of other relaxing treatments.

Another herb-inspired treatment is also making its debut thanks to Naturopathica. Combining two decades of expertise in skin health, herbal medicine, and wellness education in one transformative treatment, Naturopathica  is launching The Holistic Facial (price varies 50 minutes; price varies, 80 minutes), which incorporates seven new products.


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According to founder Barbara Close, spa directors are always asking about how to retain clients. “My first piece of advice is to retire ‘hope in a jar’ promises,” she says. “Savvy spa-goers see through gimmicks. They’re trading fast fixes for better ingredients, better education, better results, and more manageable experiences.” With that in mind, Close designed the Holistic Facial.

Focused on Skin Personalities, the esthetician identifies the skin as adaptive, hormone reactive, stress reactive, or mature based on a talk about diet, stress levels, lifestyle, and skincare. The sensorial facial is customized with detoxifying, lymphatic brushing, probiotics, and one of four new clean concentrates. Says Close, “Clients leave with a holistic prescription of skincare, beauty foods, herbal remedies, and wellbeing rituals from my upcoming book Pure Skin: Holistic Beauty Basics that will sustain results in between treatments.”


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