Four Marketing Mistakes That Spas Commonly Make

Four Marketing Mistakes That Spas Commonly Make. // Photo via Shutterstock (Shutterstock)

Just like many business owners, spa owners often fall victim to making marketing mistakes. What's worse is that some of these mistakes are made while business owners are spending thousands of dollars on marketing for their spa(s). Here, discover some of the most common spa marketing mistakes, and a few ideas on how to circumvent them. 

1. Expecting Paid Ads to Magically Convert into Sales  

Say you have created some of the most amazing pieces of relevant traffic to a custom landing page for your spa—that alone does not mean people will click on a scheduling link and book at your spa. And why should they? After all, they don’t know you.

 If you are paying for clicks from Google Ads or Facebook, then you need to incentivize viewers to give you their information, because you need to then nurture your lead along. To put it simply: not nurturing your leads means they won’t come in to your spa.

2. Not Having an Immediate and Automatic Nurturing Process in Place for Incoming Leads

78 percent of customers buy from the company that responds to their inquiry first, and sales conversions are 291 percent higher in the first minute. Is your staff actually going to respond that quickly? Not likely. So, you need an automatic software that immediately caters to incoming contacts. Put together an automatic text response system, and you’ll see your conversion rate on incoming leads soar.


 3. Not Utilizing Text Messages

A lot of spas have some e-mail follow up, but they don’t utilize text properly. SMS has an open rate of 98 percent, and on average, it takes 90 seconds for someone to respond to a text, and 90 minutes to respond to an email.

 It’s highly important to implement texts into your marketing and utilize them for appointment reminders and direct marketing, in addition to other nurture methods. 

4. Not Leveraging Database Reactivation

Most spas are sitting on a goldmine that they never utilize: their past client list. You can schedule thousands of dollars worth of appointments just by texting to them with the proper triggers and system in place. Make an offer to your list now and then, and watch your spa get booked full. Lots of spas underestimate this tactic and are worried about bothering clients, but it’s not a bother to your client if offer them something good.

So how do you make sure your spa doesn't fall victim to these mistakes? It's simple: put systems into place to address these concerns. Your business will thank you if you do.

About the Author:  Jared Berryman is the founder of Hivelead, a marketing company dedicated to helping spas fill up their calendars with appointments. Berryman is a seasoned marketer with ten years of experience, and he Google Ads certified.  Hivelead is a certified Google Partner. Contact Berryman directly at [email protected].


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