Why October is the Best Month to Invest in Spa Training

Investing in spa training is important. Here's how you can help. // Photo via Shutterstock

Investing in spa training has benefits for both spa managers and employees. It can raise employees wages, improve job stability, increase productivity, and decrease turnover. Employer-supported training can also qualify as a tax-deductible expense, making October the ideal time for spa owners and managers to fund educational courses which could help offset their tax bill.

One of the main advantages of the spa industry is that there are various institutes available which offer spa training online for enhancing or refreshing purposes, and such training—which directly relates to a spa business’ existing income—would be allowed to be expensed as a business requirement. This applies to all aspects of a spa’s operation, including spa finance, spa marketing, and spa leadership.

Spa training helps to increase an employee’s earning potential by developing and refining their capabilities, providing pathways for upward mobility. This is a great way for spa owners to tackle high turnover rates, which has consistently been one of the biggest obstacles within the industry. In recognizing an employee’s value and showing them that their development matters, spa owners can foster a sense of trust and appreciation with their employees, giving them an incentive to stay with the organization. Training also provides individuals with a chance to expand their skills and network with a new circle of employees and customers. This will be beneficial to the employer in the long run, as employees will be able to undertake a variety of roles at a spa, improving their efficiency and productivity. They will also require less guidance, which will result in a much more advanced workforce.


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Training helps improve the quality of customer service because staff will build improved skills and knowledge which they can then apply to their job. These skills translate into a superior guest experience, which results in higher customer satisfaction and more repeat guests, and most likely higher spending which leads to higher revenue.

Spa business training covers topics and trends that help aspiring and existing managers to keep up with and navigate the functionalities in which the industry works, which is becoming increasingly important as innovation continues to disrupt the spa and wellness landscape at a rapid pace. This not only contributes to an employee’s progress, but also helps to raise industry labour standards as a whole. Three important elements of spa business training all spas should invest in include:

  • Spa Finance: For any business to run, the amount of monetary investment made is highly important. The various spa and wellness exercises conducted teaches spa professionals to create a sound budget and follow it, allocate expenses wisely, and run their spa more efficiently, especially when the time comes to invest money in the right places to yield desired results.
  • Spa Marketing: Targeting and reaching the right audience is crucial to running a successful spa business. Spa marketing consists of exercises where individuals are given the various tools to promote their businesses in the right places and to the right audience.
  • Spa Leadership: Leading a team in the right direction is essential to growing as a whole. As a part of spa leadership training, spa professionals are taught ways to develop leadership skills, interpersonal skills, and team management.



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