Grow Your Business with Targeted Acne Treatment

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Alex Hernandez, lead educator at Face Reality, offers her expert advice on how to grow your business with targeted acne treatment.

Acne is commonly thought of as a teenage condition that is caused by hormonal fluctuations, poor hygiene, and greasy food. Though acne does occur during teen years and hormonal fluctuations certainly contribute to acne, there is much more to acne than most people are led to believe. Fifty million people suffer from acne in the U.S. alone, affecting all ages and genders. That’s a lot of people that need professional guidance toward healthy, clear skin, and here’s why adding a targeted acne treatment to your menu will help grow your business:


When people have a specific issue or ailment, they typically seek out an expert or specialist in that field to help them. The list of specialties available in esthetics is extensive. Within that list, treating acne can get lumped in with other facial services. Acne treatment, however, is truly a league all its own and should be treated as such. Acne requires a focused treatment for long-term results with consistent homecare that can only be determined by an expert. Once you have begun to clear your clients, they will always come to you for your expert guidance. And, because acne is such a common condition, you would be specializing in something that people are always seeking treatment for.

Acne treatment is also adaptive to fluctuations in business. As of right now, many professionals are unable to give in-person treatments of any kind. Offering a virtual program for acne clients is an excellent way to adapt to the uncertain business landscape due to Covid-19. Expert guidance and a strict homecare routine that is adjusted over time is the backbone of acne treatment, while peels help expedite the clearing process. Achieving clear skin is possible through virtual appointments because you are still able to assess the skin and build out routines based on information provided by your client.

Offering Long-Term Solution

Acne, unfortunately, is not going away anytime soon. Acne is an inherited condition of the pore that cannot be cured. Though it cannot be cured, it can be managed through proper skincare routines and conscious lifestyle decisions. An acne client’s first attempt at getting clear occurs usually one of two ways: getting prescribed prescription drugs by a doctor, which can help people get clear skin, but they come with dangerous side effects and rarely keep clients clear. The other route is acne products bought at the drugstore or getting mislead by a “miracle product” they see on social media that promises unrealistic results.

Adding a targeted acne treatment to your business will offer a long-term solution for acne that clients won’t be able to find in a regular store or prescription bottle. Clearing skin is not a one-size-fits-all process. We’ve all seen the three-step kits that guarantee clear skin, but those kits do not account for the unique qualities of any one person’s skin, including acne and skin type. Like prescription drugs, these kits are also not a long-term solution and typically contain pore-clogging ingredients that worsen acne or strip the skin.

A long-term solution also includes a holistic approach to treating acne at the root, and not just on the surface. Acne is affected equally by topical ingredients and by what’s happening inside the body. Everyone loves a quick fix, but when it comes to treating acne, it just isn’t that simple. What is used on the skin is just as important as what acne-prone individuals put in their body. Identifying common acne triggers and how they may play a role in someone’s acne is crucial to getting clear and staying clear.

Changing Lives

We often say that once you get someone clear, you have a client for life. As estheticians, we know how much our skin makes us feel every day, especially with acne. Treating acne isn’t skin deep and does not just affect one’s physical appearance, but how they feel. This skin condition truly impacts self-esteem and being able to help someone reach their skin goals is extremely gratifying. In many ways, you become a confidence coach by giving clients control of their acne and how they feel in their skin. Acne treatment fosters a shared sense of pride and accomplishment between esthetician and client that is unlike anything else.

Adding a targeted acne treatment to your practice is a win-win for clients and estheticians alike. Helping people achieve their goals for clear, healthy skin is the ultimate pay-off, but it is worth mentioning that acne treatment is lucrative. Like we said before, someone is always seeking acne treatment, and you could be the one to effectively change their life.


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