How Repeat Clients Can Help Retail Sales

Don't be afraid to push for profit! // Photo by imtmphoto/iStock/Getty Images Plus

The word profit is not profanity. Many spa professionals find themselves fighting the internal struggle of altruism versus capitalism. They struggle with wanting to provide a nurturing service to their clients, while at the same time conducting a financially successful business.  

Beauty and personal care is a multi-billion dollar per year industry. Yes, that was billion with a B.  U.S. consumers are buying personal care goods and services, so let them make their purchase from you.

An area of untapped profit potential can be in the waxing and laser treatment rooms. In most cases, these clients are coming on a somewhat routine basis, creating repeat traffic flow. These clients obviously trust your facility and have a strong loyalty to you.


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If you have a solid flow of traffic, with a steady stream of appointments in your waxing and laser rooms, you can leverage the consumers’ desire for personal care products by offering a large assortment of retail products. Lines such as PFB Vanish are natural adjuncts to hair removal services, and are an ideal way to increase overall sales.  

When customers purchase retail products from their service provider, it’s been proven to create a customer loyalty to the spa and professional that sells them.  If a spa professional can sell $100 of home care to a client on a $50 bikini wax, the spa’s income triples and the profits increase exponentially as well, especially if the spa buys in bulk to get the most favorable pricing.

Helping clients that trust you to find products that they want is a win-win situation. You provide a higher level of customer service to the guest and you can enjoy financial success in your business while also feeling a sense of satisfaction in helping your clients.  Profits are not profane!  Enjoy success.

About the Author: Ottmar Stubler is the president of PFB Vanish (, a topical gel for the relief of irritation associated hair removal.  He received his California Estheticians license in 1985, and practiced through 1996 in San Francisco.  After establishing several wholesale distribution companies, Ottmar formulated PFB Vanish in 1999.  He remains an active educator within the industry.


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