Making the Most Out of Your Spa's Retail Store

Retailing products can be tricky, as many spa-goers already have their favorites and are sometimes hesitant to try new ones. But tools and devices can be particularly difficult, because they are often intimidating and expensive. However, Jesse Boatright, senior national account manager of the professional division at Foreo, believes retailing high-tech tools and devices can be easy if spa professionals put themselves in the consumers’ shoes. “First, find out what their needs are,” she says. “Then, find out what they’ve already tried and why they’re still looking, and sincerely choose the correct tool that will serve your clients the best, both in results and cost.” Here are some additional tips on getting these devices in the hands (and homes) of clients: 

  • Educate your staff: Train and educate staff on the products so they can properly recommend and sell the benefits to clients. “Educate your customers, and then let them share with you their thoughts on this decision,” says Boatright. “You can aid in that process without heavy pressure. Odds have it, you can steer them toward what’s going to benefit them the most, and they’ll appreciate a sincere approach.” 
  • Let employees test-drive the devices: Provide staff members with a device to use and become familiar with, as personal experience can make retailing the product easier and offer employees more reason to promote the product. “We’ve found that spas and clinics that incorporate Clarisonic into treatments are successful in selling them, because clients can feel and see the results, and further improve the condition of their skin outside of the treatment room,” says Robb Akridge, Ph.D., cofounder and president of Clarisonic.
  • Set staff incentives: According to Chris Healey, VP of business development at LightStim, communicate expectations, review and monitor progress, and reward success in a timely manner.
  • Add the device brand’s logo to your spa website: Including information that will direct people to a spa for purchase helps make clients aware of the brand and product and provides an opportunity for them to click on the logo and get more information prior to visiting your spa. 
  • Display strategically: Place the tester unit and display in a high-traffic area, advises Healey. “A good location can help attract interest and provide a try-before-you-buy experience,” he says. 
  • Provide honest recommendations: According to Boatright, always recommend what you think is best for clients, and try to give them choices and reasons why you chose the devices you did. “Do it honestly with your client’s best interest in mind,” she says. “You will retain that lovely lady or man and live to sell them another beauty product another day. Return customers are your favorite, because you’re their favorite.” 

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