The Secret to Selling Your Indie Beauty Products

Here's how the pros are making sure their indie beauty products head home with clients. // Photo Credit: DragonImages/iStock/Getty Images Plus

Some indie beauty brands may be small, but there is no denying the huge impact they are having on the beauty industry. In fact, indies are more than holding up their end of the product sales deal. We chatted with the experts about how they make sure their brands are heading home with clients once they leave the spa. Here’s how some lines are contributing to the retail effort. 

“Have a quality graphic designer work with you and your brand to develop retail pop display and collateral that speaks to the essence of your brand. Spas expect to have a shelf-talker or something that will help sell your product off the shelf because you can’t always be there to train every new employee or new therapist, nor does a spa director or manager have the time to devote to just teaching about your brand. If you don’t have anything to show a spa about who you are and why they should choose your brand, you are dead in the water. A spa must feel that you are able to help them promote your brand, so make sure you have the support necessary to get people excited and engaged.”
—Christina Stratton, founding partner and CEO, Privai

“We love working with our retailers, offering them blog posts to share with their customers, and we love collaborating on social media posts as well. We’re here to help our retailers.”
—Julie Clark, founder and CEO, Province Apothecary

“We offer shelf-talkers for each product, free samples to spa personnel, a monthly customer-service follow-up, visits from a representative who is fully trained to answer all questions and address any concerns, and a catalog that lists existing and new launches as well as press releases with photography and detailed descriptions of benefits.”
—Elaine Binder, CEO, Spongelle Beyond Cleansing

“I like to suggest that Dirty Lamb come in and set up a table with all of our products for the clientele to sample so the spa can receive feedback right away. It also gives clients a knowledge base of the ingredients we use and how they benefit the skin.”
—Ahlam Abbas, founder and CEO, Dirty Lamb

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