Six Social Media Trends You Should Be Following

Social media is ever evolving. Just when we think we have one platform mastered, a new, popular platform emerges, or our favorite outlet has added new features. While that might seem daunting, its important to make sure you're staying up to date on the latest trends to keep your followers engaged. To help keep you in the loop, here’s a look at what’s new in social media today.

Stories: Instagram Stories allow you to create short (and short-lived, as they disappear after 24 hours) videos to share timely messages and content with followers. “Utilizing Instagram Stories is a huge trend we are seeing with our clients and industry partners,” says Millennium’s Colleen Lemos. “The new poll feature in Instagram Stories allows spas to crowdsource information from its audience. After 10,000 followers, Instagram also provides a feature for accounts to include a URL within the story, giving clients a call-to-action such as ‘swipe up to book’ or ‘swipe up to see today’s promotions.’”

Shop Features: Social media is now making it easier than ever for followers to shop products featured on sites like Instagram. “Product arrays are a great way to promote your business on any of these platforms and most, including Facebook and Instagram, have built in new ways to enable people to buy products easily and directly from them,” says Booker’s Kirsten Markson.

User-Generated Content: Share photos of influential customers or someone with a significant following when they visit the spa to garner attention. “Share their picture and thank them for coming,” says Markson. “That kind of interaction can be very valuable in attracting new customers.”

Video Content: Video content rules social media at the moment. “The ability to go live and instantly let all your friends share your experience is a very powerful tool,” says Book4Time’s Roger Sholanki. “How you contribute to that experience will determine more followers and potential new customers.” Facebook’s algorithm, for example, ranks live video higher in newsfeeds, which increases the number of people who are likely to view the content.

Before-And-After Photos: Clients and followers like to see before-and-after photos to get an idea of what can result from receiving that service.

Imagery: Beautiful images are key. Says MindBody’s Stephanie Moran, “You’ll notice that the most trending spas on social media are those with stunning photographs of their space, their services, and products.”


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