Six Tips for Partnering with a Charity for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Six Tips for Partnering with a Charity for Breast Cancer Awareness Month // Photo credit: cienpies/iStock/Getty Images Plus

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which puts the invasive cancer that approximately one in every eight U.S. women will develop over the course of their lifetime front and center. A popular cause in the spa and wellness industry, breast cancer initiatives are not only working towards developing treatments to fight this devastating disease but also to help those who are suffering from it. Such initiatives also help to bring awareness to other types of cancer and the fact that it’s important to get the message out throughout the year. Wellness for Cancer (WFC), founded by Julie Bach, is a charity created to facilitate self-care and better lifestyle choices for those who have been touched by cancer. It also trains spas and wellness centers on how to provide personalized wellness services for individuals dealing with cancer. Creating an incredible impact on the industry, WFC has inspired a worldwide movement.

Want to contribute to the cause? Check out six simple tips from Bach, executive director of WFC, to keep in mind when working with a charity.

  1. Know why you are selecting the charity. Is it part of your corporate social responsibility program where you focus your efforts, or do you prefer to select a few charities to make a greater impact?
  2. Consider what would help most. Does the charity need financial resources for its programs? Does it need administrative overhead costs covered, financial assistance for capacity expansion, or even website support? Does it need advisory assistance, exposure, or introductions? Does it need volunteers to help expand its social impact?
  3. Ask what can you bring to the organization that is unique to you and your brand?
  4. Understand what you expect to get in return.
  5. Define what you will do together and measure the results.
  6. Don’t make empty promises. If you say you are going to do something, follow through on it.

Stay tuned here on American Spa online and on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) all month long as we celebrate the brands and spas in the industry that are giving back for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. And be sure to check out the October print issue where we take a deep dive into the pink ribbon revolution. Want us to know about your initiative? Email our digital editor, Sam, at [email protected] for your chance to be featured.


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