Tactics Women Can (And Should) Use To Change How They Negotiate

Four tips for stepping up your negotiation skills. // Photo Credit: Delmaine Donson/Royalty-Free/Getty Images

Today, women are beginning to negotiate their wages at an increased rate similar to men. But according to a recent report released by Bentley University, women are still facing some forms of discrimination.

The university’s Center for Women and Business’ (CWB) executive director Trish Foster stated that it is typically women of color who are still facing judgement, stressing that it’s up to the workplace to establish a positive environment. “Biased stereotypes regarding cultural expression present unique challenges for women of color at the negotiating table,” said Foster. “Organizations and workplace allies have to address this type of bias, starting with training for their hiring managers and other negotiators.

Millenial and Gen Z women are found to be negotiating wages at rates similar to men but are often asking for less than their male counterparts, with 61 percent of women asking for lower wages than men according to tech sector data.


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In an effort to assist and support women at the negotiating table, the CWB put together strategies that workplaces can implement to de-bias negotiations, including:

  • Creating a culture—beginning at the top—that advances diversity, equity, and inclusion.

  • Adopting policies and processes that target making negotiations and wage determination equitable, like wage transparency.

  • Encouraging open communication, trust, and respect, which are essential to successful negotiations.

The report also includes negotiation strategies for women to incorporate and practice when asking for more money. Some of the tips involve:

  • Doing research and knowing data, numbers, the person across the table, and the organization’s overall culture.
  • Remaining focused on your value as a worker, and incorporating your unique value proposition into your negotiation plan.

  • Practicing your negotiating approach to build confidence and skill.
  • Employing positive strategies, including collaborative “win-win” approaches during the actual negotiation.

The full report includes more facts and figures regarding women in the workforce, and tips to help women feel valued in the workplace.



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