More Than Words: The #BaborExperience Empowers Female Influencers at Event

Artist Ina Cerniak calligraphed words onto influencers' bare skin. // Photo via Getty Images

Skincare brand Babor asked 16 international influencers to choose one word to describe themselves as part of the #BaborExperience. When each woman answered, German artist Ina Cerniak painted the word in black lettering onto their bare skin. Lina Tesch, a German photographer, then captured the images, showing that the words were not mere words, but rather statements of empowerment. Influencers from China, Germany, Hungary, Indonesia, Malaysia, Poland, Russia, and the U.S were photographed for the #BaborExperience during this Babor Influencer Event on October 9-10. 

Two influencers at the event. // Photo by Lina Tesch

This is just one of Babor’s many female empowerment campaigns. Earlier this year, Babor partnered with the All Women Project to promote body positivity and end photoshopping. The skincare brand also celebrated women in their Nashville AMP’d campaign, which brought six female recording artists together to tell their stories of empowerment through music. To top it all off, Babor was also a sponsor for American Spa’s first Women in Wellness Leadership Conference in 2018.

Hatice Schmidt // Photo by Lina Tesch

The Babor Influencer Event continued the brand’s support of all women, displaying a diverse set of influencers in the empowering photography installation. German influencer Hatice Schmidt chose the word “honesty” to be calligraphed onto her index finger. In an Instagram post, she writes, “Stick to your opinion, treat others with honesty and integrity. You’ll see that it pays off. And the most important thing: Be honest with one another, then the world is your oyster! Treat your neighbor as yourself.”




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