Mission Farms CBD Launches New Line

CBD Oils, CBD Goat Milk Creams, and CBD Joint and Muscle Gels now available in extra-strength CBD concentrations for increased effectiveness. Photo credit: Mission Farms CBD

Mission Farms CBD announced the addition of a high-potency line of CBD products available in the company’s CBD Oils, CBD Goat Milk Creams, and CBD Joint and Muscle Gels. The new offerings contain a higher concentration of full-spectrum CBD per dosage, giving a doubly effective boost of wellness. “As consumers continue to become more familiar with CBD and its many benefits, our customers have requested more CBD in our all-natural products" says Ben Joyce, CEO of Mission Farms CBD. "We are thrilled to respond to their wishes with our new line of powerful, high-potency CBD oils, creams, and gels. For consumers who need a stronger dose, these CBD products are the answer to helping people feel good again."

The higher concentration CBD products include:

  • CBD Oils: The company’s Pure, Rest, Relax, and Relieve CBD Oils are now available with 2000mg of full-spectrum CBD per 1-ounce bottle. 
  • CBD Joint and Muscle Gel: This best-selling and highly rated CBD Gel is now offered with 1200mg and 2400mg of CBD per 4-ounce bottle. Made with aloe, menthol, and full-spectrum CBD, this CBD Gel provides quick icy-hot relief for sore joints and muscles, and long-lasting reduction in inflammation.
  • CBD Goat Milk Creams: All four varieties of the company’s CBD Creams, which are loaded with healing goat milk, are available in higher CBD concentrations. Pure, Rest, and Relax CBD Creams now have 600mg of CBD per 2-ounce jar, while the Relieve CBD Cream has 900mg of CBD per 2-ounce jar.


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