Puro is on Track to be Certified-Organic

Photo Credit: Puro (Puro)

Puro, New Zealand’s largest licensed medicinal cannabis cultivator, is on track to have full organic status. BioGro, the country’s largest organic certifier has certified the Puro’s first commercial crop of high CBD and CBG plants as being ‘In Conversion’ to organic  Puro has been growing medicinal cannabis under organic guidelines at its outdoor site, Kēkerengū, in Marlboroug, New Zealand. “Worldwide we are already receiving interest in our product and stimulating discussion about the way in which we are establishing our farm,” says Tim Aldridge, managing director.

Tom Forrest, Puro’s cultivation director, hopes that Puro will encourage other cannabis growers to move away from a reliance on synthetic chemicals. “Our focus and intention is to develop an ‘organic playbook’ for cannabis that other growers in New Zealand and globally can adopt and follow,” says Forrest. “Even if we can encourage one or two other commercial growers to move away from their reliance on synthetic chemicals and sprays, then this would be a wonderful achievement for our team.”

Puro is also working with the New Zealand Government’s international business development agency, New Zealand Trade and Enterprise, to exporting bulk medicinal cannabis from New Zealand.

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