9 Trending Eyelash Looks Your Clients Will Love

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The world of eye makeup, brows, and lashes is always continually changing. Client requests often range from a simple set of false lashes to larger than life looks. Whether you like a more simple look, or a dramatic, bold lash, you have to be ready to give your clients whatever look they are going for. Stay one step ahead of outrageous client requests by prepping yourself for some of the trending looks we found below.

  1. 2-D to 6-D Lashes: Lash artists create fans out of lash extensions that include the preferred dimension in each fan, which are then applied to an individual natural lash (for example, 2-D means two lashes are applied per natural lash, 3-D means three lashes per natural lash, etc.). 
  2. Glitter Lashes: These lashes are usually available with glitter or crystals already on them for convenience and then applied like traditional extensions. 
  3. Ombré Lashes: Often seen on hair, lips, and nails, this technique is now trending for lashes. Most ombré lash strips feature a black base that fades into another color. However, the look can also be achieved by applying black extensions at the base, followed by extensions in another color. 
  4. Candied Lashes: Perfect for special occasions and holidays, candied lashes are colorful shimmery lashes that are placed in between traditional lash extensions. 
  5. Magnetic Lashes: This involves a magnetic lash segment that is placed on top of the upper lash line followed by a second segment that is placed underneath the upper lashes to create a thicker- and fuller-looking appearance. 
  6. Mermaid Lashes: Mermaid lashes are usually sparkly and colorful. 
  7. Rainbow Lashes: This can be achieved by applying pre-colored lash extensions or strips to the lash lines or using colored mascaras to create the look. 
  8. Unicorn Lashes: Created to resemble a unicorn’s mane, unicorn lashes are typically longer in length and feature glitter and color to enhance the look.
  9. Upside Down Lashes: This look is achieved by flipping traditional lashes upside down upon application to create a spider-like effect.

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