Five Ways to Promote Your Lash Biz on Social Media

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Social media can be an extremely valuable tool in attracting new clients and attention to a spa's lash and brow business, so follow the advice and tips of these lash professionals to ensure you effectively promote your services:

“What I love to see on social media are before-and-after photos. It gives the best look at a person’s work and also allows you to learn from others’ work that you admire as far as placement of the extensions.” —Kelley Delmonico, esthetician and lash extension specialist, New Reflections Salon (Minneapolis) and 2017 NovaLash brand ambassador

“Post live videos of the service being done—this will create excitement and make viewers want the service. Posting pictures of models featuring all the different lash effects is extremely effective, and posting an exclusive or limited-edition lash service on social media makes it critical for a client to sign up and make an appointment at your spa.” —Edgar Dominguez, global educator, Jane Iredale


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“Post content that is relevant; create your own content, or repost pictures, and give credit by tagging the original account; use good lighting, and avoid shadows; keep it natural, and don’t overdo the filters; switch up the angle to show the lashes from different sides; choose a flattering pose for your clients; and use relevant hashtags on Instagram and Twitter or keywords on Pinterest.” —Jo Mousselli, cofounder, president, and CEO, Xtreme Lashes

“Spas can help effectively market their lash services on social media by emphasizing safety of their services and membership opportunities. Also, including how the spa gives back to the community or how it contributes proceeds to non-profits is effective on social media.” —Nicole Pigott, brand manager, Rocascuba, makers of RapidLash

“It’s critical that spas foster real relationships through personalized messages on social media; collect more personal customer data; and create relevant campaigns based off customer interests and product usages.” —Scott Hoonakker, CFO, PremierLash

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