Could Facial Exercise Enhance the Youthfulness of Skin?

Cover of Cynthia Rowland's book, Facial Magic.

Facials are known to offer results that keep skin healthy and glowing. But, there might be an additional technique for maintaining fitness of the skin on the face that isn’t being considered. Clients who prefer to avoid plastic surgery and injections can try a safe, non-invasive alternative method to the improvement of wrinkles, fine lines, double chins, loose neck skin, and more.

Cynthia Rowland is an expert in all-natural facial fitness and the creator Facial Magic, the facial exercise system based on European spa techniques. “Peels, masks, facials, etc., cannot change a double chin, sagging cheeks, or droopy eyelids," saus Rowland. "Teaching clients Facial Magic – an at home do it yourself facelift product – will enhance procedures like dermaplaning and facials of all kinds."

Rowland’s European spa exercises have been called the ‘facial fountain of youth’ and are detailed in her new book, Facial Magic. According to Rowland, the Facial Magic system is used by over one million people in more than 40 countries. Rowland is also founder and president of Rejenuve, Inc., a company dedicated to providing men and women highly effective anti-aging products. Rowland encourages the use of her system in spas saying, “Estheticians use Facial Magic with their clients. Most every client that visits an esthetician has one common request – they want to look better than they have in years.”

With 18 simple exercises, the entire regimen can be completed in 35 minutes. Regular use of this facial exercise system is designed to help women ages 25 and up begin to see results in nine to 12 weeks, and ultimately lose 10 to 15 years off their faces. Rowland’s six week DVD training system and subsequent online training detail the Facial Magic techniques that Rowland has curated, and are great stand-alone treatments or add-on services to any facial.


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