Experts Weigh In: Glitter Glam is Back

Glam glitter is back, baby. // Photo Credit: KristinaJovanovic/iStock/Getty Images Plus

Whether it’s on the nails or the face, glitter is making a huge comeback this season. “It’s safe to say the sparkly stuff is truly back,” says Sigourney Nuñez, North America education manager at OPI. “On the runway, we are seeing designers use new ways to display glitter to transform ensembles from ordinary to extraordinary. You’ll see that inspiration on nails this season.”

And today’s glitter is better than ever. When it comes to nails, for example, OPI utilized polychromatic iridescent glitter particles in its latest lacquer collection called Metamorphosis. The glitter particles shift in the light to create truly unique nail art. “Polychromatic is a fine glitter particle that has two or more colors within each speck, typically one side of the glitter particle is one color while the other is a different color,” says Nuñez. 

The nails aren’t the only place where glitter will shine this season. Cosmetics are sparkling, and luckily, technology in glittery makeup is also evolving, making it safer for the environment. “Biodegradable glitter is a hot new topic in the cosmetic and beauty industry as, up until now, glitter has been horrendous for the environment,” says Au Naturale Cosmetic's Paige Peerenboom. “Typically, glitter is made of microplastics, which are fragments of plastic that are small enough to pass through water filtration systems and end up in our oceans and lakes, posing a major threat to marine wildlife. These new biodegradable glitters come in a variety of particle sizes and have removed up to 90 percent of plastic in glitter.” 

Here, check out how the experts suggest incorporating glitter into your look:

  • Apply a highlighter and shimmery eyeshadow: “Creamy glow stick highlighters are extremely popular for on-the-go applications,” says BAM Brands USA’s Lindsay Ebbin. “You can swipe them easily over blush; above the cheekbones to create a highlighted contour effect; and on the tips of the nose, forehead, shoulder blades, or chin to create that soft radiant glow on the skin. Another quick technique is using a shimmer eyeshadow in white, cream, or gold for the same effect.”

  • Utilize the benefits of a hydrating lip plumper: “A hydrating lip plumper will give the perfect pout in seconds,” says Grande Cosmetics’s Sarah Liriano. “Use it alone or as a topper to give a favorite lipstick some extra shine.” 
  • Add a glittery top coat or glittery nail art on top of nails: “Adding a glitter top coat to a manicure is an easy way to get creative with sparkle,” says Londontown’s Monika Garcia. “Apply it over the entire nail, create an ombré effect, or even add it to just one nail for a minimalist look.” 
  • Use an alternative to glitter: “Anyone not willing to branch out into glittery territory can try a different finish like chrome or pearl,” says Essie’s Rita Remark. “Colors like these provide glamour without the bling.” 
  • Utilize embellishments: “Add extra bling with metallic foil, glitter, and even crystals,” says CND’s Jan Arnold


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