How To: Lower Leg Hair Removal by Nufree Nudesse

Check out how to perform a lower leg wax from Nufree Finipil

Nufree Nudesse and Nufree Finipil offer a unique alternative to the traditional waxing experience. While many consider Nufree products to be wax, the difference between Nufree products and typical waxing lines is that Nufree products never dry, meaning the same strip can be used throughout your client's service and that both legs can be treated at the same time, saving time for both the esthetician and client alike. In addition, since Nufree doesn't dry, the products don't stick to your client, ensuring a simple and easy hair removal treatment. Nufree Nudesse is self-preserving, antibacterial, and antimicrobial so its safe, clean, and germ free. It's also completely botanical and safe for use on the entire body, allowing estheticians to perform just about any hair removal service requested.

Here, check out how to perform a lower leg hair removal service using Nufree products via the Nufree online education series. Discover the proper way to hold your tools, the correct way to sanitize both yourself and your client, and how to safely and effectively remove leg hair. For more ways to use Nufree products, be sure to visit the Nufree Finipil Youtube channel.


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