Tips for Promoting Your Hair-Removal Services

Whether aiming to attract men or women, it’s important to make all clients aware of the hair-removal services available at your spa. This can be done in many ways. Consider one or more of these tips when promoting hair-removal services:

  • Offer pre-summer discounts on bikini and leg hair-removal services, and make clients aware of these offers through mass emails and posts on social media.
  • Sell at-home post-hair removal products in the retail area, and be sure to include products for all clients, including men.
  • Provide free hair-removal education to clients to promote services at the spa. “Posting social media tips and tricks on at-home care for in-between waxing services or information about what to do and what not to do before a wax are great ways to provide value through education and demonstrate the extra care you take,” says Lindsay Miller of Lycon Precision Waxing USA.
  • Offer first-time hair-removal clients a free wax on an additional body part, and offer regular clients a free upgrade when they book a hair-removal service. For example, if a client books a half-leg service, upgrade it to a full-leg. “I find that upgrades are generally more effective, because we are not cutting our pay, we are only giving a little of our time away,” says Waxxxpress’s Lilliane Caron. “You will be surprised at how effective this is, once the client has felt the difference, they just might make that their regular treatment.”
  • Offer a discount for rebooking at the time of the service or when a client refers a friend. “Referrals are effective ways to build loyalty among your current clientele while encouraging them to spread the word to their network,” says Miller.
  • Offer hair-removal services as an add-on to clients when they book other services at the spa. “Team up with another professional inside the workplace and send each other referrals or have the front desk ask clients over the phone while they are booking if they would like to add it on to a service,” says Amber Products’s Leona Baisley.
  • Display signage throughout the spa. “Promotional material is an important selling tool for any beauty therapist; it is made for the sole purpose of communicating information about a product or service in a quick and effective way,” says Caron.
  • Combine makeup application with hair removal. “A filled-in brow that looks picture-worthy has much more impact on the client than just a waxed brow,” says GiGi Wax's Rachel Couvrey. “Providing a tutorial about how to achieve that look at home and retailing the brow products is also a great add on. Also, dermaplaning is a great add-on for a makeup service, because foundation goes on smoother when the fine hairs and dulling skin are removed.”
  • Host a hair-removal happy hour event. “Happy hour is often associated with fun, and there’s a sense of urgency to get in quick,” says Caron. “This is a great way to draw attention to a particular service or a particular time in the day that may generally not be very busy. Buy one get one free is also a great offer to run during a happy hour.”


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