How Microblading is Revolutionizing Eyebrows

Why is microblading so popular? // Photo credit: dimid_86/iStock/Getty Images Plus(iStock _ Getty Images Plus _ dimid_86)

In the past few years, models like Cara Delevingne have brought thick, bushy eyebrows back in fashion. Instagram monobrow model Sophia Hadjipanteli, for example, has more than 150,000 followers. Gone are the pencil-thin eyebrows that once dominated the cosmetic eyebrow industry, fashion magazines, and the runway. Here to stay are fuller, more prominent, natural-looking brows.

To achieve this look and to do so in a way that requires a minimal amount of upkeep, more and more clients are turning to microblading, a form of cosmetic tattooing that is making a big impact on the cosmetic makeup industry.

“Microblading is very popular nowadays, as the natural beauty look is getting more in trend,” says Mariah Sylvain, microblading master at Skinovation (New York City). “Every woman would like her features to be framed by a beautiful, natural-looking set of eyebrows that are easy to maintain and last for a couple of years.”

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